His work

Parallel with his creative work as a painter, Lantos Ferenc was teaching in secondary schools, art secondary schools, teachers’ training schools, technical colleges, and in the arts faculty of the university. He has held his own classes for amateurs for decades in the Cultural Centre Doktor Sándor, he led art workshops and art summer schools in Tokaj, Paks, Almamellék…

In the Martyn Ferenc Free School of Arts

001_a_martyn_ferenc_műv._szabad_iskolában 002_a_martyn_ferenc_műv._szabad_iskolában

In the Faculty of Arts of the Pécs University of Sciences

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Summer schools: Paks, Pécs

008_paks_táborban 009_pécs,_1986

Correction, lectures: Pécs 1. 2.

010_korrektúra 011_magyarázat

Master class, Jarocin, 2004.