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„In the depth of human soul, each form starts sounding and each of them is visible too.”

This sentence phrased by Lantos Ferenc is characteristic of the pieces of his series „Soundings”. By proper interpretation, musicians can use these pieces as „musical scores” to make them sound.

Various relationships are possible, here we show only three, as examples:

2000-Ritmus-forgás fénymásolat-30x30 1998-H.a Messiaen-akril-vászon-100x100-l 2012- fölötted az ég, alattad a föld..-akril-vászon-70x100
Lantos Ferenc:
Rhythm – Rotation
Lantos Ferenc:
Hommage a’ Messiaen
Lantos Ferenc:
Ladder between Earth and Heaven

Titles of the three compositions:

  • Rotation
  • Colourful Dreams, Hommage a’ Messiaen
  • Earth – Ladder – Heaven