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Please find two recent newspaper articles shown here. The left-side one is available in the 24 March 2014 issue of Pécsi Hírek, a local weekly, while the right-side one can be read in the 22 March 2014 issue of Dunántúli Napló, the regional daily newspaper.


Highlights from the articles:


From now on: Pécs Values, officially too
The gloves made in Pécs, the Research Institute of Oenology, Apagyi Mária’s piano-teaching methodology, the Klimo Library – from now on all these rank among the Pécs Values. @ Bóka M.
The fourth value included just now is Apagyi Mária’s piano-teaching practice that was recorded by her in three volumes.
All the three volumes could be described also as traditional instruction books for the piano, however, they differ radically from customary publications. This Pécs Value has had a resounding success both in Hungary and abroad.
New elements have been included in the Pécs Depository – DUNÁNTÚLI NAPLÓ, Saturday, 22 March 2014
Apagyi Mária’s music book as well as her methodology of creative piano learning have also been registered in the Pécs Depository

Pécsi értékek Pécsi Hírek 2014. márc. 24.Dunántúli Napló 2014. márc.22.